January 29, 2012

Cooking Class 2 "Soto and Stir-Fry"

My mother next lesson is chicken soto and Tempe & Green bean Stir-fry.

3. Chiken Soto
My Chicken Soto

Ingridients for the gravy or sauce (kuah):
2 spoonful of Pepper
6 Onions
2 red onions 
4 lemonleaves
2 ginger plants (pound roughly once)
1 gingger (pound roughly once to extract the smell)
1 Kunir (Javanese yellow ginger)
2 salam leaves
Salt (as you desire)

Ingridient for main content:
3 slices of chicken
1 cabbage
1 cup of bean sprout
Chicken stock
10 glasses of Water

Ingridient for condiment (sambal):
10 small chillis (hotter than the bigger one)
2 small onions

How to make the gravy or sauce:
1. First create the spice: Pound the pepper, onion, red onions, salt, and kunir, make sure until very tender
2. Boil the water (100 degres celcious), mix with the chicken stock, 
   then put in the spice, plus: salam leaves, orange leaves, ginger plant, gingger 
3. Stir for 5 minutes

How to make the main content:
We will boil each vegetable separately.
1. Chop cabbage into very thin long slice, put in boiled water (not the gravy) for 1 minute, then lift and set aside
2. Put in the bean sprout in boiled water for 1 minute, then lift and set aside.
3. Fry the chicken, then shred them by hand into small pieces, set aside.
4. Cut the celeries
Put each vegetable in one big plate to serve.

How to make the condiment (sambal):
1. Put the all the chilis and onions into boiled water for 2 minute, and lift.
2. Pound the chili, onion ad salt on a pound stone (using a blender will reduce the taste)

cut 7 red onion into thin slice, then fry it until brown in colour. 
This fried red onion is used for topping.

Serve each component (vegetable, sauce, condiment, and topping) separately on the dining table.
How to eat is: take a half cup of rice, put each vegetable and a little condiment nicely on top,
then pour the sauce in the bowl. Complete it with fried onion topping or chips. This recipe is for 5 persons.

This is basicaly what soto is, but usually Indonesian people eat soto with any side dish (lauk) as desire.
For example with fried tempe, or fried chicken.

Soto is a very common Indonesian dish, especially in Java, even for the poorest one. We eat soto usualy for lunch, but it's dependent.
Many school canteens provide soto as their menu for school break. I ate soto almost every first break at junior high school.

4. Tempe & Green bean Stir-fry

My Tempe & Green bean Stir-fry
5 onions
5 red onions
2 red chilis
2 green chilis
3 small chilis
1 bundle of green bean
1 carrot (sliced)
1 tomato (sliced)
tempe (chopped blocky/ cube)
1 ginger plant
1 salam leave
3 sponfull of dried shrimp

javanese sugar
Soy sauce
1/2 glass of water

How to make:
1. Cut green bean into 3 cm length manually by hand
2. Fry tempe until half cooked, set aside
3. Chop onions & red onions into thin slices. Chop all chilis into oblique or skew orientation.
4. Prepare the pan, fill in the cooking oil until medium heat
5. Fry the onion & garlic until half cooked
5. Put in all chilis, dried shrimp, tomato, salam leave, javanese sugar, and ginger plant, until smells nice
6. Put in the green bean, carrote, and tempe into the mixture
7. Put in the water, cover the pan and wait until the bean tender
8. Put in the salt, sugar, and soy sauce
the dish is now ready for 6 persons, serve with rice and side dish.

The side dish (lauk) could be anything, but here I will prepare "tiny sea fish crispy chips" ("keripik teri"...what a long translation) as a very traditional and original side dish:
1. Soak the tiny sea fish in hot water for a while
2. Create flour dough: mix flour with water and egg, put in the tiny sea fish
3. Fry the fish and flour dough litlle by little on hot pan.

Finally, serve the Tempe & Green bean Stir-Fry with rice and side dish.

Maybe this dish already exist for hundred of year in Java. But I don't know. As soto, this dish seems very traditional, but still acceptable & delicious.

Cooking Class 1 "Vegetable & Chicken Liver"

How fun to be a female. When we're kid we play cook with fake ingridient.
Now, we know how enjoyable cooking can be. The famous American cooking book "The Joy of Cooking" really figure it out.
Eventhough a lot of chefs are male, but million other male don't care about cooking.
Females born with hormon that makes them love this kind of thing. So, thank's God.

My mother teach me to cook the dishes I'll post in this blog. Mostly are Indonesian daily traditional food. Old recipes, but that's okay.
A simple dish could be amazing, depend on how the cook. Remember Ratatouille?

My ability is average, but I'm eager to learn.

So, let's start the class:

1. Gado-Gado

I  forgot to photo the dish, do I browse from the internet  

This is a very fresh dish.

Ingridients of main content:
4 boiled potatoes
1 bundle of green bean (buncis)
1 carrote
3 tomatos
1 cucumber
4 boiled Egg

Ingridients for nut sauce:
1 cup of fried nut
4 red chili
1 onion
a little salt
3 spoon javanes sugar
2 lemon leaves
1 tamarind
1 glass of hot water

How to do the vegetable:
1. Boil the potatoes, buncis, and carrote, until tender, then  set aside.
2. Cut the potatoes and all vegetable into small pieces.

How to make nut sauce:
1. Fry chili and onion until half cooked
2. Pound the chili and onion on a stone pound
3. add salt, lemon leaves, javanese sugar and then pound again
4. Blend the nut until soft and tender, then pound it with other ingridient
5. Soak tamarind on hot water for a while
6. Add the tamarind water with the nut condiment to make the saouce more liquid.

How to serve:
Put the potatoes, vegetable and the half of bolied egg on a plate, then pour the nut sauce on top.
This recipe is for 4 persons. The key of making gado-gado is the freshness and the correct vegetable boiling time, and also the deliciousness of nut sauce.
It's so yummy...

2. Sambal Goreng Ati

I  forgot to photo the dish, do I browse from the internet

I'm not sure what's the english translation.

5 boiled chicken liver
7 red chilis
2 small chilis
5 onions
4 red onions
dried shrimp
ginger plant (pounded once)
salam leaves
1 stalk of Petai
2 cup of coconut milk
a glass of water

How to make:
1. Pound onion and red onions, all chilis, dried shrimp and salt.
2. Fry the pounded ingridients in a medium heated pan until half cooked
3. Add salam leaves, ginger plant, petai, stir a while and then add chicken liver, stir it.
4. Add water, let it mixed a while
5. add coconut milk, wait until boiled, then add salt again as desire.

Serve it with rice, for 5 persons.

January 16, 2012

When I was a Kid #2: Bedtime Stories

I think, in  the game of life, Childhood is a bonus stage from God.

At kindergarten, I rarely watched our old colourless television.
I often played arround at my aunt's house, watched everything she watched like some dangdut tv program and adult sinetron though I didn't get it.
Japanese cartoon hadn't enter my favorite list yet. So, my brain was still original, with no foreign cartoon intrusion.

At that time, every night my father told me bedtime stories, kind of old local fairytales. So, we sleep together in one long room (now the room's almost collapse caused by earthquake).
There're two big bed for 5 of us. Sleep time was the time we had waited all day long, as if we wait to watch favorite tv drama.
My father was really good in telling stories. It's flowing. No tv, but it felt like I watched a big cinema screen on my mind, every sceen was up to me, I mean about the setting, the faces.
The title were: Kidang Talung, Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, Timun Mas (Golden Cucumber?), tens stories of Kancil Nyolong Timun (Mouse deer the Cucumber thief), Kancil Ngapusi Buaya, 
Popok Beruk Keli, Belang Telon, Malin Kundang, Roro Jonggrang, wayang, and a lot more. Yes, I know all that stories before I fell asleep, created amusing dreams.

Timun Emas
My favorite story besides fairytales were stories about the world outside, for example about pasar malam, country abroad, or story when my father wandering for job.
Me and my young brother would cry like a baby if my father wouldn't tell stories. Besides stories, my father had plenty of riddle and magic trick collection, and also story telling with finger siluet on the wall when the electricity off.
We always failed to answer the riddle or magic trick. What a kind father he is, He bought bunch of little toys for us when he get back from work by his bycycle.

On the other hand, my mother only knows one story titled The origin of "Tinggi" (tinggi is kind of bed louse). We weren't bored even she had repeated it for many night.

Yeah, all of those thing triggered me to had a better childhood imagination. Deepest thank's to my parent. :)

.........After that period, tv played great role on my childhood world with american and japanese cartoon.

Flashback to my 2011

Hi there,

Maybe I'll give a little short post, in this new year... How was my 2011? 
It was the periode of my duty to be a secretary at HMTG FT UGM (student organization in my departement). I took that position though I'm not really confident in being a secretary, something that really not me.
Why was it so? First, I'm not an industrious and careful person, both are the basic needed requirement to a position which the job desks are concerning the meticulous administrative problem.
But, I did learnt a lot. Anyway, HMTG is a good place to learn. For me, it's more look like a life miniatur of someone who tried to reach succeed. Many of enthusiastic and hardworker friends created many amazing programs. They all did and thought their best.

And what else?

Oh, KKN. Two months from july - August, together with 19 other UGM's students, we did an obligatory task to dedicate our knowledge for the good of society. It could be a good idea, perhaps they wanted us to make change or bring solution to the community.
But, in reality, it was no really use. Plenty of uneffetive and useless time, with no great result. Or maybe it was just the case in my KKN.

On top of everything, I do love the volley ball game in my KKN society. I call it: Great game, Great players! Okay, however chalenging the society is, for me KKN is over after 2 month and nothing really attach in my attention besides the volley game. It was a lot of bored.

I tried to learn french by my self with no background study. I'm at the very very beginner level. I admit that it's a difficult language especially to hear! How fast and how unclear!
If I'm allowed to wish, I wish someday I could understand and able to hear the french thoroughly. I'll be thrilled and delightful. If only I could take a course. But, a million thank to the internet. For me, internet is the "new" window to the wide world.
Tens of language websites with hundred of pages are available free to learn, by hearing mp3s, watching videos, pictures, games, flashes, softwares, books, and more!
We can do almost everything through the internet.

At june 2011, I lost my Dell laptop and smart modem. Both are perfect and quite productive for me. Until one day at monday morning, when I got back from campus, I found my room's door was opened harshly, a lot of wood cutting on the floor. I was unbelievably saw no laptop above the table. Soon I realized what happened.
Dell Vostro
I hate to loose something expensive and important, I searched it with every effort I could. Well, it's clear that I'm neither spy nor detective. Later, I understand that I shouldn't regret the incident. If you loose one, then just get a better one someday! Now? I'm using a 10" netbook, less responsive, less productive, too slow and not suit me. But, I'm grateful for this little help.

Anything else?  

Well, another assistant activities, another movies, books, languages, knows more people, starting my final assignment, and nothing of my goals really become true. But I am working on them.

October 01, 2011

When I was a Kid #1 : The Changing Dream

Now I am 21. I'm getting bigger. Many good things and bad things happen in my life journey.

I understand more difficult phrases; I met people from vary ethnic groups; I ate  different taste of foods; my heart feels many kind of new feeling like hope, fear, worry, passion; I brave enough to travelling alone; I met some extraordinary personality of person; my brain start to think logic on money & future; my working is guided by confining rules; my life is on the straight track; what I always see in front of my eyes is targets.
It sounds tiring, right? I realize something important is lost. Something that can make us feels the freedom, flying, no rules, no restriction. It is the precious imagination.

That's the reason why I want to start this series of story. This is the story where I still dont know what geology is or  why people so worry about getting much money. This is the pure me.

1.                        When I was a kid, I have several of dream job or goal. The first I want to be a scientist. I was interested in natural science and act like I understand biology and physic. That's affected by an American  cartoon show titled E= mC2, with the major character is a scientist girl name Emma C2. What a weird name. Emma experiencing many adventure and help her friends through the knowledge she has. Her brain was brilliant and I liked to see her in action. I usually did the experiment I knew from Bobo magazine.

2.                        My other dream job is to be an architect. This when was at 4th - 5th grade of elementary. My drawing not really good, but not bad either. The reason is becaused of my favorite magazine 'Bobo' often gave a bonus for several edition such a set of mini town called 'Kota Kelinci'.  The set comprise of one base ground of the city made from glossy carton, then the houses, bridge, restourant, school, and trees made from cork which we should arrange by our self.  Other building-like bonus was  'market bobo'. It made from carton, comprise of one shopping trolley, then many different  goods was available. Me and my brother loved to play those sets. Then this dream was getting bigger. I created a small two floor terraced house from carton. The house complete with the interior design. There was a curtained window, a little photo frame, a set of soft sofa made from cotton. The second floor was for bedroom. My creativity seems raised again. The next I had an idea to create a map of my village. I didn't know if that kind of work belong to architectural work or not. That planitary map consist of every small roads and houses in my village with the name of my buddies on each house, I didn't forget to plot the mosque and the school on the map.

                                                       "Keluarga kelinci" on Bobo magazine
3.                        Someday my neighbour brought a notebook contain a story the adventure of a kid and a bee. It's one of greatest story I've ever read that time. The writer is his sister. I admire his sister a lot. I always thought she's a genius. Her drawing was excellent . I often imitated her japanese comic girl drawing. She schooled in best school in Klaten. She's the one who introduced me with hollywood movie when I was at 3rd grade. That's when I finnally wanted to be a writer. I tried to make some short story. But I never finished any storry well. I wasn't  a good writer. Then I started other hobby, create comic book on my notebook. My friend told me that it was good, but it never finished too.
 I used to had a lot of barbie cards collection. The cards size was 4 x 5 cm. I bought them from the school yard.  Then I created a barbie album. One page for one barbie and I also gave the name & comment for each barbie.  In my 6th grade, inspired by Bobo I created my own magazine. I forgot the name. The size was only 7 x 15 cm. The content is : a fairy tale, a short story, a crossed riddle, general knowledge, a short fact, and an 'imagination test' quiz plus a coupon inside to join the quiz. What a funny. The only one who read my magazine was my young brother.  And that was the last time I show my desire to be a writer.
But I still loved to read. The first novel I read titled 'Nabi Muhammad'. It's 300 pages. I read it when I was at the 3rd grade, then continued with Harry Potter and the soccerer's stone. I always curious with my father's book shelves. There was a lot of bussiness book, though my father was one of the worst bussinessman ever. I read those kind of book too without knowing the actual meaning. It just because there's no other book. But my father sometimes bought story book from his office (elementary school).

4.                        This was just an imaginary dream job. I always wanted to be a spy. The word 'adventure' was my favorite. I imagined using advanced technology to fight the crime. Using the  weapon, armed with the multifunction wacth and glasses, operate  jet plane, decoding, fight with kung fu. This was inspired by Spy Kid movie released in 2001, at my 5th grade. I like the role of Carmen on that movie. She's smart and cool. Carmen also had a young brother like me.  My other imaginary job was to be a hero like in the cartoon. I created Clow Card like in the Card Captor Sakura, I draw angel for each card according to the card name, for example : Rain Card, Music Card, Fly Card, Jump Card, etc.

 I couldn't remember the other story.... I'll write again in the next post.

September 25, 2011

A Boredom And A Positive Person

Almost  one year I didn't write for this blog. Now am I changing or what? Sure I do, I believe that every person must change in every second of their step,  not to be another person but a better person.

Let's check about my condition now :
What I feel now is a huge boredom. A super duper boredom, caused by my own choice to have a lot of extra spare time. Never in my mind I thought that studying in geology could have this kind of situation. In  this 7th semester, I only take one subject - Petroleum geochemistry - I interested in petroleum basically, and also the nice lecturer. Beside that one subject, I also take my mini thesis to accomplish my undergraduate degree study. My topic is rather unusual. It's about the origin of lithology used in Borobudur temple. I fight against my self to decide whether this topic is right or wrong for me, maybe I'll tell about it later.

The point of all of it, is that formally I only go to campus one day in a week! It's my beautiful Tuesday which I will meet my friends and my awesome lecturer, hearing stunning explanation about petroleum system and it's geochemistry. Beside Tuesday, I have no persist schedule. With the natural behaviour of mine that actually  I'm a lazy girl, I almost doing nothing in my daily, except watch movies and read novels. Plus, this semester stupidly I'm not taking any  opportunity to be assistant in laboratory like I did last semester.  What was I thinking? Tired of learning...? I never tired of learning , but the burden in learning environment sometime  heavier than the learning it self.  Studying should be just light and fun.

Than I want to take an English course to help me learn conversation formally. But I still need other activity. One different that I realize on my psychology is, that now I feel like I want to meet as many people as I can, talk and smile to more person. I hate doing nothing in my room. It's different if I remember that usually I always deny on people rather than come to them gladly and smile. By the way I learnt this from someone, a dancer I watch in American 'so you think you can dance'. She always smiling sincerely with her heart, and her smile is so loud that it spread fast to the room and then everyone  also smiling  too. Her smile is affecting. She said she is a positive person, who always laugh and smile, think positive on anything. For me it's a damn inspiration. I try to learn from everything I met in  life.

Okay, that's why this course is not enough, but I have no other idea how to spent my lot-of-spare time.  Other choice, is  the library. Of course I have to go there many times looking for references. But who will I meet in there? a little of other students and thousands of books.
My head could have explode by now, if I'm not considering poring this to my blog. Explode of boredom.
I used to want to immediately graduate or go away from this campus. I still want to, but..  There's something I have to do first before someday I leave. Something is missing and I have to find it soon. Something I have to take away on my ride.